Pattern aluminum Quality method

Pattern aluminum Quality identification pattern aluminium plates thickness greater than 1.2mm Rockwell hardness tester, HRB, HRC hardness testing. Thickness of aluminum 0.2~1.2mm pattern plate with surface Rockwell hardness testing HRT, HRN hardness. Thickness of less than 0.2mm patterned aluminum, uses surface Rockwell hardness diamond anvil, hardness of the test HR30Tm.

Pattern aluminum determination can use patterned aluminum liquid.

Pattern aluminum Board determination liquid (fast tell 200, and 201, and 202, and 301, and 304, and 316, and 316L, and 309, and 310, and 321,, potion, stainless steel model material identify, and distinguish, and recognition, and test, and identification, and detection, and test potion) to chemical analysis for based, with battery power makes material surface occurred oxidation reaction, through right of control technology makes by measuring elements and reagents generated colored complex collection real, clever to achieved has stainless steel in the metal of fast determination. Thetechnology world leader, for rapid determination of stainless, stainless steel waste sorting, recycling, reuse, plays an irreplaceable role.

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