UK ALUFER Mining Group completed the first phase of the construction of the Bel Air bauxite project in Guinea

On August 4, 2018, the Guinea branch of the UK's Alufer Mining Group issued a press release. The company completed the first phase of infrastructure construction on August 3 in the Bel Air bauxite project in Bofa province, Guinea.


News Background: Brief Introduction of BOFFA Bauxite Mine Project of ALUFER Company, UK


I. Basic information of the project


ALUFER is a UK-registered mining company. ALUFER is a Guinea-registered local corporation named Bel Air Mining, which acquired an bauxite mine in BOFFA in northeastern Guinea.


The UK's ALUFER mining site in Guinea is located in the province of La Vouque de Boffa (la sous-préfecture de Doupourou) in the Région de Boké region.


It is 15 kilometers from the Atlantic Ocean estuary and has a proven reserves of 146 million tons of bauxite.


On February 1, 2016, ALUFER of the United Kingdom and the Ministry of Geology and Minerals of Guinea signed the Basic Agreement on Mining Rights. The core terms of the agreement are:


1. The Guinean government accounts for 15% of the shares in the project (no capital contribution), and the British ALUFER company accounts for 85% of the capital injection and investment.


2. In the first 5 years of the project, the project enjoys a series of preferential tax relief benefits, such as exemption from minimum package tax, exemption from corporate profit tax, exemption from land tax, exemption from mining license tax, exemption from resource tax. Wait.


3. ALUFER Company promises to invest no less than US$500 million during the entire mining period; among them, the infrastructure investment in the first phase of the start-up phase is US$185 million, directly and indirectly creating more than 3,000 local employees.


4. Several parties promised not to adopt measures such as national expropriation, confiscation, nationalization and localization.


On June 3, 2016, the Guinean Ministry of Geology and Minerals submitted the text of the bauxite mining rights agreement signed by the Guinean government and the British ALUFER company to the Guinean National Assembly. The Minister of Geology and Minerals gave a statement to the National Assembly. After deliberation, the National Assembly of Guinea approved the agreement. So far, the mining rights agreement of the project has completed the approval process stipulated in the Guinea Mining Law.


Second, the infrastructure plan


ALUFER plans to invest in a deepwater terminal at the Atlantic Ocean estuary to accommodate 100,000 tons of bulk carriers. Construction of a 15km long asphalt road from the mining area to the terminal. It is planned to use the mine transportation to drive the ore to the terminal, ship and export.


The first phase of the infrastructure project started in early 2017 and was completed by the end of 2018. The second phase of the infrastructure project was started in early 2019 and completed in 2021.


In 2018-2023, it plans to export 5 million tons of bauxite mines in the year and increase it to 10 million tons after 2023. For environmental protection reasons, the ALUFER mining method does not use the traditional explosive method, but directly uses large dedicated excavators to excavate.


According to the official website of the Guinean Ministry of Geology and Minerals, on January 13, 2017, Guinean Minister of Mines and Minerals Maghasuba held a working meeting with senior officials of the British ALUFER Mining Company to start the foundation of the British ALUFER company in the BOFFA mine project in Guinea. Exchange of views on facility construction.


According to its plan, the company will invest $185 million in the construction of a mine camp, office space, a 15 km road, port loading facilities Mechanical equipment, etc.


On February 3, 2017, the British ALUFER Mining Company held a groundbreaking ceremony for infrastructure construction in the bauxite project in Bofa Province, Guinea. Guinean President Conte attended the groundbreaking ceremony.


The name of the Guinean corporation incorporated in Guinea by the British ALUFER Mining Company is: Bel-Air Mining.


On November 4, 2017, Guinean Minister of Mines and Geology Ma Jia Suba recently visited the ALUFER Mining Company in the Bel Air Mine of Bauxite in the Bokai Region of Guinea to supervise and inspect the progress of infrastructure construction of the project.


The main contents of the infrastructure project of the British ALUFER Mining Company in the Baux Air Mine of the Bauxite Mine in the Bokai Region of Guinea are:


Construction of a dedicated facility for the export of bauxite, including the construction of a bauxite yard, a road and a 1.2-kilometre terminal;


a quarry that provides the necessary gravel for the construction of infrastructure;


a living base,


An ore transport road connecting all mines;


An office administrative facility


Up to now, the engineering volume of infrastructure projects has been completed 51%, ahead of schedule. It is expected that all infrastructure projects will be completed in August 2018 to achieve mining. After the mining, the planned export of bauxite is 5 million tons in the first five years, and it will increase to 10 million tons from the sixth year.


British ALUFER Mining Company's Bel Air bauxite project in the Bofa area of Guinea, 120 km from Conakry, the capital of Guinea, and 15 km from Cap Verga peninsula. Its bauxite reserves are: high The gibbsite is 146 million tons.


According to the plan, in the third quarter of 2018, the mine will be produced, and the first phase will produce 5.5 million tons of bauxite.


ALUFER Mining of the United Kingdom has adopted a simple logistics system in the Bel Air bauxite project in the Bofa area of Guinea: open pit mining, transporting the mined ore to the terminal by truck, storing it at the terminal, processing it, and then using the conveyor belt. Barges, barges are transported to large bulk carriers 32 km from the shoreline and transferred to large bulk carriers.


These bauxite mines will be exported to China and other countries along the Atlantic coast.

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