China's largest bauxite importing country promotes localization of mineral smelting

China's largest bauxite importing country promotes localization of mineral smelting

More and more African countries ban the export of raw materials, including Zambia and Congo. These countries adopt direct bans on exporting unprocessed copper and cobalt mines with high taxes , and combated illegal mining and smuggling. In order to promote the smelting and processing of mining enterprises in the local area, and increase the contribution of the mining industry to the domestic economy.

Guinea, China's largest bauxite importer, is also about to promote the localization of mineral smelting. Recently, Guinea Energy Minister Cheick Taliby Sylla said that it is expected to increase energy production capacity by nearly four times in the next six years, and promote mining companies to refine bauxite in the local area. 

As the largest bauxite producer in Africa, this West African country is in the midst of a mining boom. In order to promote economic development, the Guinean government is putting pressure on mining companies to require them to fulfill commitments. But Guinea's current power generation capacity is only 658 megawatts. There is no electricity supply in most parts of the country, and even the capital often has power outages. Therefore, experts have questioned the feasibility of establishing a power-consuming industry.

However, Energy Minister Sylla said that several projects under construction will significantly increase electricity production in the near future. By 2025, Guinea's total power generation will reach 2,600 megawatts, which can provide certain power to mining companies and guarantee energy supply.With the completion of the Souapiti, Guinea is able to guarantee the large amount of electricity needed to smelt bauxite. And it will bring new development opportunities to Guinea Bauxite refining.


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