SMM aluminium ingot price follows a downward curve today losing RMB120/t; China’s alumina spot price collects RMB2/t

The Shanghai Metals Market, on August 18, logged an RMB 120 per tonne crunch, with the SMM A00 aluminium ingot price closing at RMB 18,520 per tonne. The average aluminium ingot prices have ranged between RMB 18,500 per tonne and RMB 18,540 per tonne.


China’s eight major provinces have all recorded shallow market trends today, with the aluminium ingot price plunging the highest in Wuxi by RMB 150 per tonne to officially close at RMB 18,510 per tonne, followed by RMB 140 per tonne slump in Gongyi and RMB 110 per tonne drop in Foshan, where aluminium prices clocked at RMB 18,460 per tonne each. Linyi, too, had RMB 110 per tonne fall to rest at RMB 18,570 per tonne. In Hangzhou, the aluminium price dipped by RMB 120 per tonne to close at RMB 18,520 per tonne and in Shenyang, it lost RMB 100 per tonne to halt at RMB 18,490 per tonne. Lastly, in Chongqing and Tianjin, the aluminium ingot prices have receded by RMB 90 per tonne, locking at RMB 18,520 per tonne and RMB 18,550 per tonne.

SMM A00 aluminium ingot price historical data shows the price of low-carbon aluminium in China has decreased by RMB 109 per tonne to stop at RMB 19,189 per tonne.

The high-purity aluminium price (99.99%) and the high-purity aluminium price (99.996%) have dived down the SMM live price graph by RMB 100 per tonne to close at RMB 26,000 per tonne and RMB 27,000 per tonne, respectively.

The CIF Index of Import Bauxite has gained RMB 6.48 per tonne, closing at RMB 485.32 per tonne.

The average alumina spot price in China has soared by RMB 2 per tonne, halting at RMB 2,912 per tonne, while the alumina spot prices in Shandong and Shanxi have both jumped RMB 5 per tonne up to rest at RMB 2,865 per tonne and RMB 2,935 per tonne, respectively.

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