A00 aluminium ingot price in China stands above RMB20,000/t; Aluminium alloy(A356) price surges by RMB200/t

According to the Shanghai Metals Market, A00 aluminium ingot price in China has hiked for the second consecutive day by RMB 210 per tonne to reach above RMB 20,000 per tonne yet again. Data shows the price is standing at RMB 20,130 per tonne as of December 30, with average prices likely to range between RMB 20,110 per tonne and RMB 20,150 per tonne. The spot contract is expected to be traded at a premium price of RMB 60-20 per tonne, up by RMB 10 per tonne from the previous day.


In Wuxi, the primary aluminium ingot price has climbed by RMB 220 per tonne to stand at RMB 20,140 per tonne, while the price in Shenyang and Tianjin has increased by RMB 210 per tonne to come in at RMB 20,140 per tonne. A00 aluminium ingot price in Linyi has also witnessed a hike of RMB 210 per tonne but to peg at RMB 20,240 per tonne. In Foshan and Chongqing, aluminium ingot price is hovering around RMB 20,150 per tonne after being expanded by RMB 200 per tonne, each.

Aluminium alloys prices have also seen a rise across China on December 30. Aluminium alloy (A356) price has surged by RMB 200 per tonne to RMB 22,050 per tonne, with average prices estimated to range between RMB 22,000 per tonne and RMB 22,100 per tonne.


Both aluminium alloys (ADC12) price and aluminium alloy (A380) price have gained RMB 100 per tonne to hover around RMB 20,550 per tonne and RMB 21,750 per tonne, respectively.

Among primary aluminium input costs, the average alumina spot price has inched up by RMB 3 per tonne to close at RMB 2,812 per tonne on December 30, following a day of restraint at RMB 2,809 per tonne.

In Shanxi and Henan, alumina price has grown by RMB 10 per tonne and RMB 5 per tonne, respectively, to stand at RMB 2,825 per tonne, while the price in Shandong has dropped by RMB 5 per tonne to come in at RMB 2,865 per tonne.

Caustic soda (32% concentration) price in Shandong has decreased by RMB 25 per tonne to settle at RMB 925 per tonne, as of December 30. The average prices are estimated to range between RMB 840 per tonne and RMB 1,010 per tonne.

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